Analytics India is now Analytics Genie

Analytics India, a portal helping the Analytics professional to " Network, Learn and Grow", was initially launched in 2006. Focused on Analytics professionals, it helped 1000s of resources find the right jobs. The site was also dedicated to bringing various resources to a fast-growing Analytics industry. It provided great visibility to some of the leading Analytics vendors in India. A lot has changed since then. Data Science, machine learning and AI are now the buzz words, driving an enormous transformation in how data is being used for decision making.

Analytics India has now re-launched as Analytics Genie (AG), a specialized platform that matches "in-market" clients to best-fit analytics vendors around the world.

AG is on a mission of helping clients find the capabilities they need by matching them with specialized vendors across the globe. We believe that clients seek specialization and industry expertise from their partners, as they look to build new capabilities rapidly.For the vendors, we seek to be their growth partners, helping them show up in front of clients seeking to build capabilities, and bid for deals across the globe. AG provides global market coverage and provides great ROI to our vendors partners.

AI is now AG, but its focused still on providing value, on a global scale.

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